MM3 Firmware upgrade:

If your Libre (Libre pro/Libre2 in UK) does not work with MiaoMiao3, please upgrade your MiaoMiao3 firmware with an android phone according to the steps written below:

Important: all steps are done with an android phone!

  1. Install the NFR software (save this file and name it base.apk and then install it): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1towNzZvkepjqgBuEvFqwCrX7vhBIjgl4/view?fbclid=IwAR0bi0i8vnZptFJM1PPiKJ12tMpNxbytuj4Cu5MbmRcEEH49j16LZnjTak0
  2. Save the Archive to your phone storage. Archive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PelO9RRA_5tHBWo5lW_aSWlSOM7xHZRW/view?fbclid=IwAR0M35T1Huvzx5SI0Jiztpu1DGLWD0RK-VJQS59l7s_SN5oe-stoSWlAgrw
  3. See the steps in the video:

What should I do if my MiaoMiao can’t be charged, disconnected with sensors, or can’t transfer reading to your phone?

  1. Reset MiaoMiao by holding down the reset hole at least 60 seconds
    MiaoMiao 1 = the hole is at the back side of the reader
    MiaoMiao 2 = the hole is at the front side of the reader

    Then try to charge it for 2-3 hours to see if the green light is on or not.
  2. Bluetooth is still running? Turn off, wait a few seconds and turn on.
  3. Sensor is secure? Sensor has not just come to end of life? Make sure the MiaoMiao is placed on top of the sensor in accordance with the instructions-NO GAP.
  4. Running 2 apps on one phone, likeTomato and Xdrip+ can cause problems, please delete one.
  5. Please turn off your app and then restart it, or even reinstall the app if restarting is not working.
  6. Restart your phone or try with another phone.
  7. Try with another app.

Reset can solve most of the problem, if still not working, please contact [email protected]

How to make Libre US 14 days sensor work with MiaoMiao2 on xDrip+?

MiaoMiao2 now works with Libre US 14 days sensors on xDrip+ (android phone only).

We are pleased to let you know that you can use MiaoMiao2 for Libre US 14 days sensors now. Thanks to xDrip+ and you need to upgrade the MiaoMiao2 sensors and change the setting on xDrip+ to make it work. Check this for the instruction.

Soon, Tomato (Android & iOS) will support US 14 days sensors too, we will keep you posted.

How to scan Libre sensors when I have MiaoMiao2 on?

When you wear MiaoMiao2, and when you scan with your Libre scanner, make sure that you scan your sensor with the area in the picture below.

What is my MiaoMiao charge light is off?

Method 1: When charging the battery, it will flash red light if the charging cable is connected successfully。 And then it will flash red light every 7 seconds, it is the normal state of charge. If the red light does not flash immediately after the connection of the charging cable, please check whether the charging cable is connected.

Method 2: If you charge by portable battery, you may not charge MiaoMiao, because most of the portable battery does not support the small device charging.

Why my phone can’t find my MiaoMiao?

Method 1: Make sure the phone’s Bluetooth is turned on;

Method 2: Check if MiaoMiao has electricity and you can charge it for 15 minutes before trying to search;

Method 3: After reset, try searching again

What “The sensor can’t be read” means?

Method 1: First ensure that the MiaoMiao, is placed on top of the sensor in accordance with the instructions;

Method 2: Make sure that the new sensor has started;

Method 3: Make MiaoMiao, reattach the sensor and change direction;

Method 4: Try to reset MiaoMiao

What “Signal is missing” means?

Method 1: Check whether the system Bluetooth is turned off;

Method 2: Check if MiaoMiao, has electricity and you can charge it for 15 minutes before trying to search;

Method 3: Please place the mobile phone near MiaoMiao,(preferably within 3 meters). Do not put the phone in a metal object (including but not limited to iron tables, metal cabinets, etc.). It is best not to block the phone and MiaoMiao. (including, but not limited to, humans, animals and other objects with moisture, metal objects, etc.);

How to start MiaoMiao?

Step1: Reset MiaoMiao or charge it to turn MiaoMiao on. ( Use card pin to tie the hole in the back of MiaoMiao, and hear the quaking sound means the operation is successful. If this works, the Indicator light will flash red)

Step2: Read “HOW DOES MIAOMIAO WORKS” in our website to learn about how to wear MiaoMiao, how to use a phone app to connect MiaoMiao and how to display your BG data in your smart watch face.

How often should i recharge MiaoMiao battery?

MiaoMiao battery can last 14 days. You just need to charge it 2-3 hours each time.

What do you use to clean the back of the miaomiao of sticker glue?

There are several way to clean the sticker glue

  1. A little dot of baby oil on a tissue, followed by a clean with an alcohol wipe.
  2. a make-up remover wipe the oil dissolves the glue.
  3. Grape seed oil
  4. WD40
  5. Nail polish remover

What’s MiaoMiao1 and MiaoMiao2 firmware Version, how can I upgrade or downgrade it?

Current MiaoMiao1 firmware version is 37, MiaoMiao2 firmware version is 4. The compatible apps on mobile phone for Libre1 14days and 10 days sensors are spike/xDrip+/Glimp/tomato. If you are using Libre2 sensor, you can use xDrip+/tomato apps.

You can find updated firmware APK for MiaoMiao1/2 Libre1/2 is here. If you want to upgrade or downgrade your firmware, download and install this apk on any android phone and select your MiaoMiao model to finish the process.

If you are using US 14 days sensors, you need to upgrade your MiaoMiao2 firmware version to 7. APK to upgrade your MiaoMiao2. Instruction how to upgrade